Ripley's Ghost Train Adventure in St. Augustine, FL

Ripley's St. Augustine19 San Marco Ave.St. Augustine, FL 32084
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Located at the Ripley Ghost Parlor, adjacent to the castle entrance, the Ripley’s Ghost Train Adventure offers an 80-minute tour, complete with a fully interactive nighttime investigation of two properties with haunted histories. Tours include the use of EMF meters and laser grids as professional tours retell the spooky stories of the ghosts that haunt the area after dark.


from Ripley's Ghost Train Adventure
Face your fears and join us for the most interactive paranormal experience in St. Augustine – Ripley’s Ghost Train Adventure.

Ride the famous "Ghost Train" and hear the chilling legends and haunted tales.

Travel the ancient byways amongst hallowed and haunted sites.
Investigate unexplained phenomena, residual energies, orbs, and other ghostly manifestations.

Experience the Paranormal!

Each paid admission will have the use of an EMF Ghost Meter and Laser grid to help you investigate the city's most haunted sites.

The adventure begins at Ripley's Believe it or Not! Museum, previously known as Castle Warden and scene to unsolved murders and unexplained paranormal phenomena.

NOTE: In order to board the Ghost Train you must present your voucher and Photo ID at the Ripley’s Ghost Parlor at least 15 minutes prior to your tour departure time. The first train leaves from Ripley's Museum at 8pm. Be sure to bring along a digital camera and any other recording gear you wish.

Reserve St. Augustine Customer Reviews

2 Reviews
Amie A.
1 Review
December, 2016
Be prepared to walk up 3 flights of stairs. There was an elevator but since someone has to operate it you end up missing most of the story they tell you about a murder. Our guide was great but the tour sucked.
They say it's 80 minutes long. You spend 40 minutes never leaving Ripleys and then the train makes two stops.
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Alisande M.
Kissimmee, FL
1 Review
Verified Traveler
"Awesome Time"
July, 2015
I was a recent visitor and had a terrific experience on this tour with my husband and 7 yr. old daughter. Alex and Lee were fantastic guides with a wealth of information on the city's history and local lore. While doing our paranormal investigation in St. Francis Park we experienced a few unexplained phenomena. I managed to show Alex a few quick pics while there but it was not until we got home and really looked at what we took did we see the REAL surprise. I have attached our photos below.

Thanks again for a memorable experience! We all had a blast!

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Tip: You may want to bring a light jacket as it does get a little chilly during the night tour

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TripAdvisor Reviews
TripAdvisor user image
Leesburg, Florida
TripAdvisor user rating 3 out of 5
Reviewed December 09, 2018 NEW
Very contrived ghost tour. We were given ‘ghost detectors’ which are to light up when a presence or energy is felt We were taken to several stops to feel the presence and see ghosts where there was supposedly much ghost activity. Uneventful and not much to it.
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TripAdvisor user image
Kissimmee, Florida
"Not so ghostly tour"
TripAdvisor user rating 2 out of 5
Reviewed December 09, 2018 NEW
I was so excited to go on this tour. There was lots of stories told while on the train. Stopped at an old museum for a few minutes. Not really long enough to do any real investigating. Went to the Fort, expecting to investigate. Nope, say outside on the wall, and it was cold, then loaded back up. Went to Ripley's to investigate. Was rushed through....again. I don't think we got our moneys worth. Would love to have had more time at Ripley's. Was getting some good orb action.
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TripAdvisor user image
"Best Ghost Tour Around"
TripAdvisor user rating 5 out of 5
Reviewed November 21, 2018 NEW
Absolutely loved our ghost tour. Felt like an authentic paranormal investigation. We were given EMF readers. I took several pictures with strange orbs and light ribbons. The staff was exceptionally friendly and informative. They gave us stories of ghostly encounters they experienced working. The historical significance of several of the encounters was outstanding. We were very impressed with the tour guides. Not only did they bring the ghost stories to life but they did so with an enthusiasm second to none. If you’re interested in the paranormal, this is the tour to take!
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TripAdvisor user image
Miami, Florida
TripAdvisor user rating 1 out of 5
Reviewed November 12, 2018 NEW
We were a big group. Our tour guide had no customer service skills. I understand it’s hard to keep a large group under control but there’s ways of doing so. This guy clearly needs training in this area. Our first stop, you could clearly hear him complaining to a colleague on radio about the group. The second stop, he hurried through it, i guess he just wanted to go home as we were last tour of the day. He really took all the fun out of our tour...luckily, the third stop, the tour ended with another tour guide Christine. She knew how to speak to the the group and the kids and was a pleasure to listen too. Can’t say the same for that other guy. What a major disappointment. Please get this guy people skills training and fast.
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TripAdvisor user image
Maisy S
Miami, Florida
"Not worth it-sorry"
TripAdvisor user rating 2 out of 5
Reviewed November 12, 2018 NEW
We chose Ripley’s Ghost Train tour because we were a big party (about 40) and they agreed to accomodate us. We went on the 9:15 pm tour and I don’t know if our tour guide Charlie was tired or over his job or what, but he was extremely rude. At the first stop (next to Jaybird’s Inn) we were ushered into a small house-like room and when Charlie couldn’t get the group’s attention as quickly as he wanted he yelled out-“I’ll continue when you are done because either way I get paid.” We we’re hoping it was part of an “act” but no, it was very obvious that Charlie just wasn’t into it. To say that this put a damper on the rest of our trip was an understatement and it was a shame really, because he seemed to know a lot but the delivery fell short. We visited the cemetery and we had about 5-6 minutes to take pictures before Charlie became agitated again and proceeded to yell at us again. Our last stop was back at Ripley’s and here we were led around to investigate inside. At this point, our party was split into 2 and we were some of the lucky ones that were put into Christine’s group. She was really a great tour guide and very knowledgeable. She is the only reason that I am not giving this tour 1 star. I don’t think we’ll be back again, once was enough.
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Ripley's Ghost Train Adventure is located at Ripley's St. Augustine19 San Marco Ave.St. Augustine, FL 32084
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Frequently Asked Questions about Ripley's Ghost Train Adventure

Where do the tours depart for the Ghost Train Adventure?
Tours begin at 8pm, please arrive 15-30 minutes prior to exchange your voucher. The Ripley’s Ghost Parlor is adjacent to castle entrance.

Where can I park?
FREE Parking is available.

How long is the Ghost Train Adventure?
This is a 90 minute tour.

Where are the Ghost Train stop points?
You’ll visit a real 16th century Timucuan Indian Burial ground, now known as the Fountain of Youth, AND the old Fairbanks Plantation, future site of the St. Augustine Haunted History Museum.

How many people experience paranormal stuff?
Count the legs of all the people around you and divide by two.  That’s how many different opinions you’re bound to receive concerning what is paranormal or what is an experience.  Here’s a simple way to narrow it down: 
Humans have five senses. But many people believe that certain energies are all around us, all the time, existing in a realm which is undetectable by these senses.

Are these meters real?
EMF meters are used by carpenters and electricians to find Electro-Magnetic Fields, hence the name.  Live wire might be a great song by AC/DC, but it’s a real bad thing to drill into.  Any steady flow of electrical current will be detected and shown as a steady level of light on your meter, but a quick burst of energy will trigger a quick burst of light.  Many paranormal investigators believe such a burst is energy given off by a spirit.  Our K-II meters are the same ones often used by the T.A.P.S. crew on TV’s “Ghost Hunters”.  We like ‘em ‘cause they light up real nice in the dark.

Should I use the flash on my camera?
Yes. Flash will not affect the appearance of energy orbs or ribbons.

What is the times for the Red Train Tour?
If you buy the combo ticket, our Red Trains are on the road at 8:30 a.m. and run continuous loops along our 24 stops until about 5 p.m. Please plan to start your tour by 4:30 pm to be sure you get back to your starting point.

Are there any restrictions? What about wheelchairs?
Our Red Trains require our guests to take one step approximately 13” off the ground. Fold-up wheelchairs and collapsible walking aids may be taken on the train, but guests must board under their own power.

What happens if it rains?
During inclement weather, our Red Train conductors will provide free ponchos for our guests. Our Red Trains will be pulled off the roads and will be directed to the safest location should extreme and dangerous weather conditions arise.

What if I’m only riding for one day?
All of our tickets for the Red Train are valid for 3 consecutive days from date of purchase.

When does the Ripley’s Haunted Castle Tour begin?
Typically it starts at 8pm, we suggest arriving 10-20 minutes prior.

Is the Haunted Castle good for children?
This tour may not be appropriate for children under 8 years old.

Is the Haunted Castle a walking tour?
Yes, you will walk through the castle. We suggest taking pictures and using the EMF meters to detect paranormal activity!